The referee from Hungary Viktor Kassai admitted that he and his assistants committed a mistake, not counting a goal shot by the Ukrainian footballer Marko Devic in the match Ukraine - England.
"After the game we watched the reruns and immediately realized our mistake. We have analyzed the situation, but in accordance with the UEFA requirements, a judge could not comment on his own solutions publicly. We have a very thankless job, as we can take 199 right decisions, but one mistake can be fatal," Kassai said.

The referee noted that it is "difficult to bear this, as I know how many people believed in us". "But you can not change what has already happened. We have to return home and to admit that we have finished the European Championship not the way we planned to because of our big mistake.
Nevertheless, I am sure that all my assistants will make a lesson from this failure and the next season we will be able to prove we still remain at the forefront of the world refereeing," Kassai said.

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