The chairman of the Constitutional Assembly, the first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk doubt that there will be 300 MPs to amend the Constitution with regards to the introduction of two state languages in Ukraine.

"They may try to make any decision they want to. It is their right. But in order to amend the Constitution, the Article 10 in particular, there should be nothing less than 300 votes in favor. Bearing in mind the current situation in the Parliament, we see that there are no such 300 votes. I think that the Parliament of the next convocation, due to current political, social and economic conditions in the state, will include some political force having 300 or even more votes," Kravchuk said.

He noted that this issue has already been on the agenda and yet cannot be solved for 20 years. Kravchuk said that only thanks to the compromise in 1996, the MPs succeeded in adopting the Constitution including the Article 10 in the edition, we have today. Kravchuk said that the Article 10 is interpreted unambiguously - "the Ukrainian language is the state language. The regional minority languages and their development are supported by the state. In general the use of languages in Ukraine is regulated by the special law."

Kravchuk underlined that the Constitutional Assembly will be governed by the current Constitution and "the real position of political power" in its work. He added that the language problem always exists in the multicultural country, but this problem should be solved in the tolerant and gentle way without disturbing people and without dividing Ukraine into pieces.

"The Constitutional Assembly does not adopt the Constitution. It should prepare a law draft called "On Amendments to the Constitution," the Constitutional Assembly chairman said. Kravchuk stressed that all these bilingualism statements are made only before elections.

"I can not say this because I don’t present all the Constitutional Assembly. I am the chairman. Personally I will not vote for the bilingual statement," Kravchuk said, answering the question, can we expect that there will be no statement about two official languages in the bill prepared by the Constitutional Assembly.

As ForUm reported previously, MP from the Party of Regions Vadym Kolesnichenko said that the Regions Party will insist on granting the Russian language with the status of the second state language  within the Constituent Assembly meetings.


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