The English fans’ fears of Ukraine were groundless, the deputy director of the football department of the British police, Tony Konnifordom told a press conference in Kyiv, ForUm correspondent reports.

"England fans were nervous about coming to Ukraine, however, their fears have disappeared. My compatriots say they are impressed with the championship in Ukraine," he said.

He also added that the patrolling of British police in Ukraine contributes to the safety of holding the football matches. "The British fans love drinking a lot of beer, singing. They are often throwing bottles of beer into the air and those, who do not know the specific behavior of our fans, cannot evaluate the situation properly," Konnifordom said.

He also expressed his opinion on the outcome of the Ukraine - England match. Konnifordom admitted there was the goal against England. "There was a goal, but I, unfortunately, was not the judge," he stressed.

Responding the question, whether there may be some serious conflicts between the English and the German fans, Konnifordom said: "We had some critical moments with the German national team, but as you can see, now we're sitting together," said the Englishmen, referring to the representative of German police Marco Schlicht.

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