The development of strategic documents on reformation of the Armed Forces is its final stage, the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Andriy Klyuyev said at the meeting on the results of the military-industrial complex work and the defense industry development.

"Basing on principles of domestic and foreign policy, our country proclaimed the neutral status, which requires a responsible and balanced approach to the defense capacity of the state, especially taking into account the impetuous changes in political and economic situation in the world," the official said.

Klyuyev underlined that the effort effectiveness of the military-industrial complex (MIC) development of Ukraine is insufficient. "The leading function in matters of the armed forces re-equipping should belong to our own defense industry. But our enterprises are in decay. The decline of the scientific and technological potential and the technological level, the aging of production facilities, job cuts, the loss of highly skilled specialists and lack in training must be overcome," the official noted.

"Unfortunately, the effectiveness of the practical implementation of these systems is very low. The problematic issues are not resolved and continue to accumulate, that could cause a threat to the army technical re-equipment program, "Klyuyev concluded.


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