The Ukrainian team has earned 10 million euro for the National Football Federation for its participation in the European Championship.

The UEFA has allocated 196 million award fees for all Euro 2012 participants.

The team has earned money in the following way: 8 million euro as a bonus given to each team participating in the tournament, one million for the victory over the Swedish team and another million for the third place in the group D. It could be more, of course, but for the Hungarian arbitrators team mistake we have not received 500,000 euros.

In addition, The Football Federation of Ukraine (FFU) will give one million euro to the team.

As a reminder, apart from the financial rewards in the group stage, UEFA pays two million euro to quarterfinalists, three million to semifinalists, four and a half million to the finalists. The European Champion will receive extra 7.5 million euros. The overall winner's earning could reach 23.5 million. Only the German team has a claim on this jackpot after having won all the matches of the first stage.


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