Ukraine should have been awarded a goal in its European Championship game against England, UEFA refereeing chief Pierluigi Collina said Wednesday.

"We made a mistake," Collina admitted. "Referees are human beings and human beings make mistakes."

Additional assistant referees, a UEFA experiment to try and improve refereeing decisions, had contributed to 16 referees' decisions at the tournament and 15 of them were correct.

"One was wrong," Collina said. "It was a human mistake made by a human being. Of course, it would be better if this was not the case."

In general, the official is pleased with the work of Euro-2012 referees. UEFA said that of 302 close decisions made by referees in the 24 matches so far, 289 of them were correct and 13 incorrect, a 95.7 per cent accuracy rate.

"That's a huge result, even though we must still improve," Collina said.


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