The Gazprom Russian gas company hopes that Ukraine will buy 40 billion cubic meters of gas this year, the deputy CEO of the Gazprom JSC, the CEO of the Gazprom Export LLC Aleksandr Medvedev told a press conference in Moscow.

"Ukraine is now actively pumping gas into its underground gas storage facilities," he said, noting that at the year-end Ukraine is to purchase 40 billion cubic meters, provided for in the contracts.

Responding the question whether the Gazprom plans to sell 40 billion cubic meters as of today, Medvedev said: "This is the contract obligation".

According to him, during the cold seasons, Ukraine consumes around 64 billion cubic meters of gas, hence the overall annual consumption will lead to contract figures.

"We will supply 40 billion cubic meters to Ukraine, or about this volume," he stressed.

Responding the question whether the Gazprom is going to apply sanctions for underperformance, Medvedev said: "Compliance with the "take or pay" conditions is not a sanction within the gas market. There are some peculiarities in our Ukrainian contract, but I think considering the pumping situation injection, Ukraine will be able to meet its "take or pay" obligations.

In addition, he said that in 2011, Ukraine met the contract obligations to the full extent.


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