The head coach of the Ukrainian national football team Oleh Blokhin said that in the match against England the Ukrainians played better that the Englishmen, but they were "a bit unlucky," he told a press conference in Donetsk yesterday.

"I want to congratulate the team on the great game. I believe that we have a very good and promising team. Even the coach of England recognized that today they have been more successful than we. It happens in football. I want to congratulate all Ukraine, all the fans on such a good feast of football," he said.

In addition, Blokhin mentioned: "Well, we have not succeeded. We tried our best, but we were out of luck. I am not ashamed of this team."

The coach stressed that in general the Ukrainian played better than the Englishmen.

"If you take the statistics, we have surpassed England. How many blows inflicted Ukrainian team? But the ball did not go through the gate, what we had to do? So, it's not our time. So I'm not our lucky today," Blokhin said.

The Ukrainian national team coach did not conceal that he is disappointed with refereeing the match, when the Englishmen were allowed "playing with elbow, with hand in penalty arc," and besides, Ukrainian team was not scored a goal.

"What a judgment that was? There are certain rules. I do not want to discuss this judgment. We have lost, and that’s all. I'm only sorry that my team has such judgment," Blokhin concluded.

On June 19, the Ukrainian team lost 0:1 in the last Euro 2012 group stage match against England and dropped out of the tournament.


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