Antidotes for karakurt bites are not imported in Ukraine, Kyiv zoologist Oksana Moroz told a press conference, ForUm's correspondent reports.

"The remedy is very expensive, and according to the information I've received no antidotes for karakurt bites have been imported in the regions," she said.

According to Moroz, in case of a karakurt bit a person must be hospitalized for total detoxication of the organism, including blood transfusion and infusions. Among symptoms of the karakurt bite there are blue face, asphyxiation, muscle ache, anxiety and panic attacks.

"The bites are tricky, as symptoms start appearing only 30-40 minutes after the bite. Karakurts can live in backyards, can get into your shoes or clothes," Moroz explained.

According to her, the venomous spider lives in southern regions of Ukraine and closer to the central part.


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