Member of the British Empire for the struggle of human rights in Central and Eastern Europe Clare Dimyon did not see racism in Ukraine. On June 18 she said at the meeting with Kharkiv Mayor Gennadiy Kernes, as ForUm learned from the press service of Kharkiv Council.

The human rights activist said that the European Football Championship 2012 became the celebration of unity for all participants and guests. She stressed that she traveled to all countries of Central and Eastern Europe, except the Republic of Belarus, but "never and nowhere saw such a good, frank and hospitable attitude to the guests of the country like in Ukraine." Dimyon also noted that in Kharkiv she was surprised with proper law enforcements and clean subway.

"I saw a lot of black people, including at the stadiums, and I can not say that they feel stress or depression in your country. I can say with absolute certainty I have not seen here racist attitude, at least not more than in London. On this occasion BBC ought to tell the truth. That’s why I am grateful to the people of Kharkiv for the opportunity to justify the good name of English and tell the truth to the world, "the human rights activist said.

Dimyon noticed that the corporation "BBC', which organizes the contest "Eurovision", should have paid attention to the singer Gaitana, who represented Ukraine at this musical forum, and then make a statement about racism.

"When I was coming to you, I had certain prejudices, but now they are gone. As a citizen of England I want to apologize on behalf of the whole Britain. This is not a trifle, this is a serious question to which we should respond. It is a matter of Great Britain honor, and of me personally as an Englishwoman. I saw in Ukraine the Africans, the Asians, who feel perfectly comfortable here. And the Dutch, who spent their time at Euro 2012, express a desire to return to your city. All of this suggests that we can be patriotic without humiliating other nations, "she underlined.

Human rights activist also said that now she is shooting a documentary film, aimed to refute the false information about racism in Ukraine, being spread by service "BBC".


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