For the last ten years the pollution level of land and underground waters of Crimea has been growing, and water quality keeps worsening, the statement of the Crimean parliament says.

According to the chairman of the Crimean quality control department Mykola Vasiliev, the most common violations of water supply enterprises are poor sanitary condition of water supply sources (up to 12% of the total number of inspected enterprises), failure to provide special water treatment (up to 18%) and proper lab quality tests (up to 30%), poor metrological provision (up to 20%), violations of process control.

"In general, the poor water quality is caused by critical state of water pipes, lack of modern ecological systems and quality and safety control over food products," the statement says.

"As of today the state standards on water quality have been abolished, while new technical regulations have not been introduced. Such situations conflicts with the law of Ukraine "On drinking water and water supplies". For today the water must be controlled by the scale of 52 measures, in2015 - by the scale of 63 and in 2020 - of 75. But already today even the most sophisticated labs of Ukraine cannot meet these requirements," Vasiliev said.


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