Last weekend Kyiv held the seventh exhibition of crossbreed dogs, organized by the Youth animal protection league. The exhibition was held under the motto "Breed is not important for friendship". And ForUm saw for itself that these are not just pretty words, but reality, when owners love their pets as they are.

Dog owners call their friends not out-of-the-kind, but one-of-the-kind, ad they are truly unique, unlike pure-bred representatives, which look pretty much alike.

This beauty Freeda is unique with its choice of toys. She plays with ponderous cobblestones like with a ball.

The majority of "one-of-the-kind" dogs had difficult childhood and hard luck. Their masters did not buy them for hundreds of dollars, but pick up in the street, took from a shelter, saved from freezing, hunger or cruel people...

Total of 150 dogs took part in the exhibition and the contest "Mongrel of Ukraine-2012". Many of them participate not for the first time. Dan, for example, participated in the very first exhibition, held in 2006. He has never won the title, but keeps trying. Dog's owner told us he chose this red suit by himself.

This tiny dancer and jumper Jenny has won in the contest among toy-dogs.

And this little guy assured us that not only people cheer for Euro-2015, but the whole dog community as well.

Despite his petite build Tuzik is the most popular sea reaver at the contest.

And the award in the contest on the best costume was rightly given to Greta.

And this lucky beggar Dick is the Mongrel of Ukraine-2011.

Prominent fighter for animals' rights Princess Maja von Hohenzollern called upon Ukrainians not to neglect stray and cross breed dogs, as they also need and dream love and care. She took 11 dogs for herself.

In order to win the hearts of the jury and the audience the dogs were signing, dancing, talking and even moonwalking.

And among all of them Nicka appeared to be the most "mongrel". She literally gnawed out the victory.

Alina Yeremeyeva, author's photos

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