Giving exclusive commentary to ForUm correspondent, the chairman of the culture and spirituality parliamentary committee Volodymyr Yavorivsky said that so far 449 amendments to the language bill by Kolesnichenko and Kivalov have been proposed to the parliamentary committee.

"Virtually all of these amendments are proposed by the opposition members. The majority MPs have not submitted their proposals," he said.

Yavorivsky also noted that the MPs still have the opportunity to submit their proposals before the end of tomorrow. "This week the bill will not be submitted for consideration, as we have to study all the proposals given to the committee. In addition, the Parliament’s head juridical department has given its critical comments on the bill. Now it is too early to say whether the bill will be considered the next plenary week," the MP said.

Yavorivsky also said that he had introduced the bill on amending the law on ratification of the language charter. He explained that at the time when the Parliament ratified the Charter, the document was inaccurately translated into the Ukrainian language. "The translation was not made directly from English, but through the Russian language. That’s why the text of the Charter contains many inaccuracies, including the principal ones. For example, there is no concept of "minority languages," he said.

The MP is sure that if the Charter was amended, the bill by Kolesnichenko and Kivalov would be of no use. "It makes no sense to list the Russian language in the category of the minority languages, i.e., those who are threatened with extinction," he stressed.


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