First deputy prosecutor general of Ukraine Renat Kuzmin declares that due to the extended illness of Yulia Tymoshenko the Prosecutor's General Office may order medicolegal proceedings, which should determine whether Tymoshenko is capable to participate in the investigation into Sherban's assassination case.

"We have proofs to believe that Tymoshenko was involved into the murder and we intend to press charges. However, due to her extended illness we are not allowed to carry out the investigation, but have to wait till her full recovery," Kuzmin said in an interview with Komersant-Ukraine.

He also added that the investigators had sufficient data to prove Tymoshenko's interest in Shcherban's liquidation. "We have data confirming money transfer; we have statements of witnesses, who name Tymoshenko as the organizer and financier of the assassination, we have the statement of Ruslan Shcherban, who says Tymoshenko is the one responsible for assassination of his father," the official said.

Kuzmin specified that a medicolegal investigation will be ordered after completion of Tymoshenko's treatment.

"The Ukrainian legislation forbids an investigation till full recovery of a defendant. And Yulia Tymoshenko knows this. When this political show and endless hysteria are over, we will start working. We've had extended illnesses in our practice. In such cases investigators are authorized to order a medicolegal investigation to determine whether a defendant is capable to participate in the investigation and trial. She cannot be sick for ever. One day she'll recover," Kuzmin summed up.


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