Primate of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine Filaret declares that during football matches fans sin, as they fall into mass psychosis and lose control.

Speaking at a press conference in Ternopil, Filaret said that the church blesses and supports sport, as it favors health. "But the church dooms craze and psychosis the fans fall into watching the matches. Look at their faces. They are no longer people, but animals. They lose balance and lose control. And this is a sin. They start drinking and fighting. We stand against it," the Primate said.

Filaret also added he does not follow the Euro-2012 and does not cheer for Ukrainian national team. "I have nothing to do with football. I've never been interested in this sport. I've devoted myself to the church since childhood, and football does not mean anything to me. But for me it is important what football means to Ukraine, and hence I follow the developments," Filaret summed up.


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