More and more foreign football fans are coming to Ukraine. A huge number of them take metro, where they can always be assisted by the volunteers.

At the Svyatoshyno metro station in Kyiv, the volunteer assistance is being given by two girls in green T-shirts Snezhana and Olha. Both teach English in primary school.

"People do not often come up to us. I think if we stood in the center, it would be different. Most often the Ukrainians ask us how to go somewhere, but the foreigners also sometimes ask for help," Snezhana said. As the girls told, they work in shifts and are provided with free meals in one of a chain of restaurants and free travel in Kyiv by all means of transport, except for minibuses. "When we were still studying at the university, we were promised that volunteering would help during our exams. But we passed them ourselves... We've already graduated, but we stand by the University. Volunteering gives nothing. We are just patriots and love Kyiv," Snezhana says.

A volunteer Olha, working at the Vokzalna metro station, said she is often being asked for help by the foreigners. In most of cases, they are asking how to get to the right place and to help to buy tokens. The girl said that she hoped that the foreigners would be interested in the cultural monuments of Ukraine, but such cases are few.

A volunteer is assisted in her work by the police officers.

As English and Syrian fans told our correspondent, they are very satisfied with the work of volunteers and police officers. "We are very happy, they are just superb! In Kharkiv, for example, I was even taken by hand and showed where the train was. I am very grateful to them," a Syrian shared.

Two girls, Olena and Khrystyna stand at the Zoloti Vorota transfer metro station According to them, it is not easy to work at the station, sometimes they even have no time to go out for a break, but the girls do not get upset. "We believe that to represent Ukraine as volunteers is a very important task, we are happy to do that. This is an opportunity to help people and talk to them in different languages," Olena shared.

According to Khrystyna, the volunteers are being asked different questions. For example, what is the depth of the station? Girls do not get lost and respond: 93 meters. Also, foreigners are often wondered where from volunteers know English so well. "We are the teachers of English in school," Olena answer.


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