There are six months to go till the New Year, but Kyiv authorities are already thinking about the Christmas tree for the central square.

Last year Kyiv had such a "successful" tree that it is still a subject of jokes and caricatures in Ukraine. Probably, sadder but wiser authorities have decided to get ready in advance.

Hence, Kyiv city administration has announced a tender "Miss Christmas Tree" for the best design of the Christmas tree. Requirements are pretty strict: maximum height 35-38 meters; relatively light weight, as there are a trade center and metro under the square; the tree must look nice during the nigh and during the day, so tender participants must present day and night designs.


As of June 14 three companies have submitted their propositions, costing between 1.5 - 2 million hryvnias. The variants are not final and submitted for further improvement.

Kyiv authorities continue accepting propositions and 'pioneers' have one month to work out projects.

A reasonable question rises: why don't they just put a real tree, as all those years before 2011? Why Vatican does enjoy real Ukrainian beauty, but Ukraine itself has to settle with artificial substitute?

It turned out that it is a true wish of Kyiv residents. According to the public survey, 61% of Kyiv residents stood for artificial tree in 2011. However, 75% did not like the design, though.

Final variant of the future Christmas tree will be presented in August. As for the last-year one, the city administration has decided to give it to one of the central district Pecherski or to 'ship' it to the Left bank of Kyiv.


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