Kyiv authorities have decided not to impose fines on foreigners for peeing in 'authorized places', Kyiv city acting mayor Oleksandr Popov told a press conference, commenting on the sanitary situation in the capital.

According to Popov there is enough number of public toilets in the city, and the problem is not in insufficient number, but in insufficient cultural level.

"Who would think that someone would pee in the central street? I don't want to go into details, but, let's say, these are kind of new impressions," he added.

The official assured that communal cleaning services "localize and remove such consequences."
Popov also said normally people are fined for peeing in the streets, but this time the authorities decided to let it go. "We are not going to fine foreigners. Ukrainians on the other hand can be punished."

In response to the question why foreigners are given such liberties the official said that "people came to have some rest and some fun." "Let them do both," he said.

Following the same logic the local authorities will not fine foreign fans for smoking in the fan-zone.


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