The Ukrainian companies have been working under the new Customs Code for already two weeks. There is a revival of foreign trade activities among the domestic companies. Just this month, nearly three hundred new economic entities have applied for registration to the customs authorities, ForUm learned from the State Customs Service of Ukraine spokesperson.

"The new Code gradually shows its efficiency," the head of the State Customs Service of Ukraine Ihor Kaletnik says. "For example, for the first 12 days of June, the number of decisions concerning the customs cost of cargoes has reduced three times. The time of customs clearance is also reduced considerably. The clearance of the imported goods takes about two hours and the clearance of the exported goods takes three times less. This is despite the fact that the new Customs Code provides four hours for such a procedure.

However, not only the customs officials, but the businessmen as well have noticed the improvements in the customs work. For example, the norm, which allows carrying out customs clearance of an article at any customs terminal of the country, has greatly facilitated the companies’ activity. Before the adoption of this norm, this could only be done at the place of the entity’s registration."

According to Executive Director of the European Business Association Anna Derevyanko, it has allowed companies resolving a lot of logistics problems and saving both time and money.

In general, the businessmen note that Ukrainian customs applies European approach now in the work. Not only the time of clearance, but the number of inspections has been reduced as well.

However, a lot of work is still to be done, the European Business Association representatives mention. For the new Customs Code to work in full, the government, in particular the Finance Ministry should prepare a series of regulations to simplify the customs clearance in full, as it was supposed while the adoption of the new Code. However, the updated regulatory framework already has results. If compare the end of May, the physical volume of goods imported into the territory of Ukraine, in the first two weeks of this month has risen by twenty percent, i.e. by more than two billion dollars in monetary terms. The deductions of the Customs Service to the state budget, compared with last year, have increased at least by a quarter.


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