"MTS Ukraine" mobile operator has decided not to change the tariff policy until the completion of the investigation into tariff policies of "MTS" and "Kyivstar", being conducted by the Antimonopoly committee of Ukraine.

"Due to the fact that the Antimonopoly committee is investigating into the tariff policy we introduce a temporary moratorium on amendments in order to create proper conditions for detailed analysis and further grounded decision," the company's statement says.

The company also underlines that the tariff changes are a standard process of management, which results into both increase and reduction of prices for certain services.

"The level of demand for certain services constantly changes, some services become more popular, others less. The prime cost of services also varies. Hence, we constantly correct the amount of services, their set and prices therefore increasing or reducing the tariffs," the statement says.

"MTS Ukraine" also pointed out that for the last seven years the tariffs for mobile services have dropped seven times and remain the lowest among CIS and Europe countries.


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