The UEFA started the investigation against the Polish and the Russian football federations for breach by the fans of Polish and Russian national teams of the rules of staying in the stadium during the match in Warsaw on June 12.

On June 17, the Disciplinary Committee of the organization will consider the case on lighting and throwing of signal lights by the Polish and Russian fans. In addition, the Russians can also be punished for the demonstration of illicit posters, as well as for appearance of one of the fans at the football field.

At the same time, the UEFA noted that the incidents during the match between Russia and Polans in Warsaw will not result in the imposition of sanctions, which the disciplinary committee had previously applied against the Russian team for the behavior of its fans during the game with the Czechs in Wroclaw on June 9.

"This means that the six-point fine is still conditional," the UEFA spokesman said.

The UEFA Polska spokesman Juliusz Glusk also said that Russian fans have a permit of the organization for unfolding the poster at the National Stadium in Warsaw during the match between Russian and Polish teams. The poster depicted a medieval warrior with a sword and a shield and a large inscription This is Russia.

According to him, the Football Union of Russia filed the request for unfolding this banner few months ago on behalf of the fans and the UEFA gave its consent to that.

As a reminder, the Polish portal reported of a possible punishment for the Russian team for unfolded poster, which, according to the anti-racist activists, is "a symbol of extremism."

"The poster depicts Dmitry Pozharsky, the leader of a popular uprising which expelled the Polish-Lithuanian troops from Russia in the early XVII century," the publication said.

The portal also informed that the case on the unfolding poster unauthorized by the UEFA rules was initiated by the Football Against Racism in Europe organization. noted that the UEFA prohibits the use of "political posters" at football arenas during the matches.


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