The loan interest rates in Ukraine are too high, but they will reduce, the chairman of the management board of the Agency for Refinancing Residential Loans Serhyi Volkov said during the roundtable "Affordable and conformable housing", ForUm correspondent reports.

According to him, banks cannot lend on lower interest than it is on deposits. "The banks may not refinance such operations at the expense of deposits, being involved for one year, the most. The main instrument is a mortgage bond, a bond with a solid tax - a mortgage loan. Replacing the deposits with the new instruments within the scheme of financing, the banks solve the problem of the so-called allocation gaps," he explained.

In turn, the head of the NBU Department for Foreign Currency Reserves and Implementation of Open Market Operations Oleksandr Dubykhvost noted that the issue of expanding the line of additional instruments is being considered now by the National Bank.

He explained that the mortgage bonds, which were discussed during the roundtable, are issued with additional collateral. "As a rule, the corporate bonds are issued as a blank credit, that is, its non-payment is recovered through legal proceedings. This is a usual procedure. Mortgage bonds are secured by the full mortgage loan. Even if a debtor becomes bankrupt, a bonds owner shall be entitled to the recovery of this pool of mortgages," Dubykhvost summed up.


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