Signing direct contracts allows constraining the increase in electricity prices for the large consumers, the senior analyst of the International Centre for Advanced Investigations Ildar Hazizullin believes.

According to him, the reform on introducing the market of direct contracts between producers and consumers will solve the problem of today's high energy tariffs for the industry. "The transition to the market of direct contracts will be able to constrain the increase in prices for the largest wholesale customers," Hazizullin says.

Commenting on today's requirements of the Ukrainian industry representatives to introduce preferential electricity prices, Ildar Hazizullin expressed doubts about the use of such decision. "Now, the introduction of preferential prices for certain industries or companies is hardly possible, as it is to affect immediately the average prices. A wholesale electricity price in the country is approaching the level where its import becomes profitable," he says.

As reported, the number of non-ferrous metallurgy companies of Ukraine, including the Zaporizhya ferroalloys and aluminum plants, requested the government to introduce reduced electricity rates for them. At the same time, a draft law "on the principles of the Ukrainian electricity market's functioning" is now being considered by the parliament of Ukraine. The draft law, in particular, provides for the gradual abolition of electricity price discounts for industries and domestic consumers.


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