The popular actor and musician, the star of the House show Hugh Laurie is to arrive in Kyiv on June 17, three days before his concert.

The Laurie’s performance will be held on June 20 at the Palats Ukraina (the Palace of Ukraine) concert hall in Kyiv. The actor will visit the capital within his mini-tour, which apart from Kyiv includes Minsk and Moscow. In Kyiv, Hugh and his wife will be staying in the presidential suite of the Premier Palace hotel.

The Ukrainian organizers planned to drive the actor in the black Cadillac. However, he expressed a wish to ride on motorbike. “Now we are searching for a suitable variant. Maybe, we will rent a Harley-Davidson,” the concert organizers said.

As for leisure, Hugh wants to walk in Kyiv and also, being a hardened football fan, plans to cheer for French national team. By the way, he was not confused about the fact that the Kyiv city centre is closed because of hosting Euro 2012, saying that he will walk to the stadium.


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