No significant violations of law by the foreign fans in Ukraine were noted, the interior minister Vitaliy Zakharchenko told a briefing after the government’s meeting, ForUm correspondent reports.

"Mainly we had to deal with funny cases: two fans were injured, had cuts on their hands, one of them being drunk did not notice the glass door entering to the hotel and another one, also being drunk a little, broke the window. Thank God, he did not fall out. He is alive and feels good, just injured a little," the minister said.

Also, speaking in general about the incidents involving the foreign fans, the minister said that they did not have any serious resonant character.

"These are petty thefts, for example, of a phone. There was also a situation where the foreigner was lost, but then he was searched for and found. He slept in a different room in the hotel with some random people, as say, look like familiar to him," he said.

The minister also said that the police prevented a number of frauds when the foreign fans wanted to buy fake tickets for the match. The identity of one person who worked on this is already established.


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