Currently, no amendments have been proposed to the draft law on the principles of the national language policy in course of preparation for its second reading, the speaker of the Parliament of Ukraine Volodymyr Lytvyn told in the interview to the first national TV channel of Ukraine.

He reminded that the MPs must submit their amendments and motions by June 20. “Still there are no amendments. I think the last day they will be proposed, and there will be many of them,” Lytvyn said.

He expressed the hope that the further discussion on the language issue will be calmer.

According to Volodymyr Lytvyn, the controversial issues should not be considered in an accelerated mode. "If not this particular issue, there will be another before the elections for sure," the speaker said.

The speaker noted that he had analyzed thoroughly the Law on languages in the Ukrainian SSR of 1989 and the draft law on the principles of the national language policy and concluded that the first one was much better.

According to Volodymyr Lytvyn the draft law on the principles of the national language policy negatively develops the former law with regard to the Ukrainian language.

"From a humanitarian and human rights point of view, it is possible to conduct the discussion, that everyone has the right to use the language, which he considers to be his native one. But if to follow the combined approach, considering public interest and state security, I think the decision should be somewhat different," Lytvyn said, noting that the matter is not only to satisfy the language requirements, but to ensure the integrity of Ukraine above all.

However, he noted that there are no problems with the Russian language in Ukraine at all.

Moreover, Lytvyn said, it is inadmissible to pass the whole draft law in its present form. "I believe that it will not do good even for languages belonging to those of the regional minorities. It will lead to excitement and riots only" the speaker of the parliament said.


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