Ukrainian citizens prefer voting for single-mandate candidates, i.e. for people known for specific actions in a certain area, the leading political analysts said during the “Will the constituency benefit from majoritarian component of the parliamentary elections?" press conference held on Tuesday in the UNIAN news agency at the initiative of the Committee of the Voters of Ukraine.

As a reminder, the fall elections will be held by a mixed system: the half of the Ukrainian MPs will be elected on party lists and the half - in the majority districts.

"The voters always have the opportunity to vote for a party close to his worldview. But the party element in the portrait of the candidate takes the last place. Yet the voters are more interested in what the deputy is able to do for him personally and specifically at the territory in which he lives," the chairman of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine Oleksandr Chernenko said.

According to Chernenko, a majoritarian electoral system as a social elevator gives a chance to get into the Parliament for new politicians of the new generation, not burdened by bonds of party discipline, but with the personal look at the policy and attitude towards the voters. "A new generation of political figures will come to the Parliament thus," Chernenko said.

Sociology testifies to the request for the specific actions of the candidate in the majority constituency.

"The voters are more willing to vote for a candidate who will deal with the problems of the district rather than for the representative of a political party. This is an opinion of 50% -70% of the respondents," the director of the Berta Communications consulting company Taras Berezovets said. During the elections, the advantage, according to the expert, will be on the side of those candidates who have been working for years with their electors at the local level.

"The voters will have a real representative and the opportunity finally to address their requests and to require a specific answer - Berezovets emphasizes. – For now, the responsibility of some MP for some district is a mere formality."

Taras Berezovets also noted that the majority of the MPs of the current convocation lack experience in work within single-mandate constituencies.

"Only 86 out of 450 Mps, i.e. a one-fifth part, have once passed through this system of election. Therefore, one who plays with head wins over the one who plays with foot. The last night confirmed this fact. Just recall the match of Ukraine against Sweden," Berezovets said.


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