Ukraine seeks becoming one of the gas production centers in Europe, the FM of Ukraine Kostyantyn Hryshchenko said, speaking today in Rome in one of Italy's leading think tanks FareFuturo, ForUm learned from the FM spokesman.

According to the minister, the Western energy giants Shell and Chevron has already entered the Ukrainian gas production sphere. Ukraine is open for Italian and other energy concerns, which are ready for bringing Ukraine into the number of European natural gas production leaders by exploitation of non-conventional and shale gas and subsea gas deposits, Hryshchenko said.

Appealing to more than 30 representatives of political, diplomatic and business elite of Italy, Hryshchenko said that the early possible entry into force of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, including a deep and comprehensive free trade area, can significantly help Italian businesses expand sales markets under the protracted debt crisis in the European Union.

"Everyone in the EU who cares for supporting the economies of their countries should oppose the creation of artificial political obstructions for signing the Association Agreement with Ukraine," the Ukrainian diplomat said.


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