19-year-old citizen of Kyiv Oleksiy Vedula was accused of bullying and killing more than 100 dogs and sentenced to four years imprisonment. The respective decision was delivered by Larysa Kosy, the judge of the Svyatoshyno district court of Kyiv yesterday, on June 11.

Vedula was sentenced to six months imprisonment under the Part 1, Art. 299 (cruelty to animals) and 4 years imprisonment under the Part 3, Art.300 (distribution of works propagandizing violence and cruelty) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

However, in accordance with the Art.70 of the Criminal Code, which provides for the absorption of less severe punishment by more severe one, Vedula got 4 years of imprisonment with confiscation of the means of production and demonstration of the works propagandizing violence and cruelty.

His accomplice Roman Polibin also adjudged guilty under the Part 3, Art. 300 of the Criminal Code, which would provided for him a prison sentence of 4 years, however, considering the mitigating circumstances, a sincere acknowledgement in particular, Polibin was sentenced to three years probation.

Vedula bullied street dogs and his accomplice Polibin shot photos and video of his actions and victims. They distribute these materials in social networks.

The psychiatric examination found Vedulu sane.


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