South Korean Hyundai Corporation, manufacturing high-speed trains ordered by the Ukrzaliznytsya (Ukrainian railway company), positively estimates the Ukrainian rail infrastructure, the head of the Hyundai Corporation in Ukraine Yong Suk Choi and the Hyundai Rotem Project Manager Dong Hoon Lee said in the interview.

"We have experience of deliveries to Tunisia, Brazil and Malaysia. Our engineers believe that the state of the Ukrainian rails in contrast to these countries is good. There are few curve railroad sections. If we say that a train is going at maximum speed 160 km per h, usually it goes at this speed only along 10% of the sections. But in Ukraine, a train can accelerate to the top speed in the most sections," the Hyundai Corporation spokesman said.

South Korean experts also noted that the train "Ukrainian Express" should not suffer because of the high amplitude of the seasonal temperatures in the Ukraine, as the national media mentioned earlier.

"Under the contract, a train should run at the temperature of -40, so we have tested all the parts at that temperature in Korea. We can say that our train is enough proven. In Korea, the conditions are similar: we have -35 in winter," the Hyundai spokesman mentioned.

During the interview, Yong Suk Choi and Dong Hoon Lee also commented on the issue of tariff policy related to the introduction of a new class of a passenger train.

"At the beginning of 2000 Korea put into operation high-speed trains. Then the difference in the rate between trains was doubled. The speed of an ordinary express train was then 150 km per h, while a high-speed train had 300 km per h. Our infrastructure conditions differ from the Ukrainian ones: however a high-speed train can accelerate to 300 km, there are very few sections where it is possible to do. However, after the introduction of high-speed trains, the number of passengers has increased significantly. Now the number of the passengers travelling by the express trains is 10 times less than of those travelling by the high-speed trains. First, only businessmen travelled by high-speed trains, but now everybody chooses them. If at first people feel that the tariff is too high, later they get used to the schedule of trains, culture is changed and people are happy to use them," the Hyundai representatives summed up.


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