The Sweden midfielder Sebastian Larsson considers that his team should "digest" the defeat in their first match at Euro 2012 against Ukraine, the official web site of the UEFA reports.

“We knew very well what Shevchenko is capable of.  But two instances in two minutes made it difficult for us to get back into it. At the moment I'm not thinking of the England match at all, I'm just very disappointed. But we know what we have to do. We'll just have to digest this and look ahead,” Larsson mentioned.

“The dressing room was mostly quiet. Of course everyone is very disappointed. We couldn't really get our game going but it was 0-0 at half-time and we had had the best chances, so there was no sense of panic. We went in front after we started pressing higher up. It felt like we were getting the match to where we wanted it. Then they scored twice in a few minutes,” the Swedish player said.

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