The residents of the camping on Trukhaniv Island are satisfied with the prices in Ukraine, ForUm correspondent learned from them.

"During the Euro 2008 in Austria, we had to live far away from Vienna, as then the prices were just sky-high. Here is a very good location for camping.  We can even walk to the center of Kyiv," the fans, Swedish students Melker Aagren and Magnus Hansson, said.

Fans mentioned that their parents were totally against their trip to Ukraine. "It was just some kind of paranoia. But as it turned out, our media distorted everything. Ukrainians are so sweet. For all the time we met only one aggressive young man, but he was very drunk," fans said.

According to Aagren and Hansson, the fans at the camp often get the presents from the Kiev city government and the Ukrainian companies.

"We say we love Ukraine, and in return we are given food, drinks and souvenirs," the fans shared their joy.

However, the Swedish students are not satisfied with the quality of water. According to them, it smells like eggs. They also said they did not bathe in the Dnipro River, as the local residents told them the water was very dirty.

The delegation of the Swedish National Team Fans Association took the offer on placing temporary camps for the Swedish fans on the Central beach, located on Trukhaniv Island.

On June 9, the first deputy chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration Oleksandr Mazurchak personally checked that the Swedish fans were satisfied with living in the fan camping.

In Kyiv, the Swedes are planning to set their own record - to gather more than 5000 fans in the fan camping.


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