Today, Kyiv will host the first match of the Ukrainian national team against Swedish national team within Euro 2012, so the organizers of the official fan zone in Khreshchyatyk expect a large influx of fans - up to 50,000 persons.

Due to this, the security measures in the fan zones will be strengthened, ForUm learned from the press service of the Kyiv City State Administration.

The organizers of the fan zones remind that the fan zone visitors are forbidden to take with them: flammable items, alcoholic beverages, large objects, piercing and cutting items, weapons, professional photo and video equipment, means of broadcasting (except for representatives of the media having a respective permit).

As the organizers explain, such rules are established by the UEFA and are valid within the fan zones and stadiums in all host cities.

According to the security department of Kyiv fan zones, the rapid and effective security system was set on the very first day of its opening in Khreshchyatyk. The surveillance system is on; all entries to the fan zone are controlled by the special groups of guards, the patrolling inside and outside the fan zones is carried out constantly.

Ways to enter and leave the fan zones are separated for the convenience of fans: you can entry only through the turnstiles and exit in specified areas.

About 500 security officers work simultaneously in the fan zone.


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