In Ukraine, 2291 individuals have declared their revenues in the amount of over one million UAH for 2011, the head of the Physical Persons Taxation Department Vyacheslav Busarev said.

“In general, their income has made up 15.1 billion UAH. They have paid taxes amounting to about 172.2 million UAH," Busarev informed.

According to him, there are 916 millionaires in Kyiv, 271 millionaires in Donetsk region and 216 in Dnipropetrivsk region. Moreover, Busarev added that there were no billionaires in the past year in Ukraine.

He also said that as of June 1 this year, 624 600 citizens have declared their property status and income for 2011. "That's 17,000 more than last year. Out of them there are 475 thousand, who are required to declare their income under the law," the official said.

"The amount of the reported income has made up 36.6 billion USD, with a 51.2% increase if compare to the last year, when it amounted to 24.2 billion UAH. The biggest incomes were declared by the individuals from Kyiv - 9.5 billion UAH, Donetsk region - 6.6 billion UAH, Dnipropetrovsk - 2.3 billion UAH and Odessa - 2.1 billion UAH. The total amount of the taxes paid by physical persons amounted to 623.5 million UAH, almost 40% higher than last year," the official noted.

He said that most of the taxes were paid on inheritance, gifts, sale of securities, foreign income, as well as from the sale or lease of movable and immovable property.

Speaking of taxes on income from rental property, he noted that 2100 persons in Kyiv and about 5000 in the Crimea have declared such a form of income.

He stressed that there are about 1400-1900 potential real estate landowners only in the Obolonskiy district of Kyiv.


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