On the very eve of Euro-2012 championship the fan zone on Khreshchyatyk central street is being given the finishing touches.

Though the fan zone is not officially ready and open one can already buy a souvenir with the championship symbols. But the prices are, frankly speaking, biting. Fox example, a ball costs UAH 100, a T-shirt with championship logo costs UAH 200 and the one with colors of Ukrainian national team - UAH 300.

The vending stalls have inscriptions in four languages. The stalls are already full of food and drinks, but do not sell yet. The most expensive drink is beer - 20 hryvnias per half a liter. Coffee and kvass cost 10 hryvnian each. One can also buy a snack: a sandwich for 20 hryvnais and a poppy seeds bun for 5 hryvnias.

The fan zone is also equipped with toilets - white long constructions, looking like garages but difficult to identify - no street signs yet. Toilets are supposed to be free of charge.

Behind one of the toilets there is a cage with a boar-python, who will foretell victory of this or that team. The boar is huge and very popular among the passer-buys. People take pictures and even talk to it. The boar grunts in response and runs away. 

Stages and big screens have already been mounted. The total zone is covered with football symbols and new 'euro-street signs'.

We've also seem several video surveillance cameras, installed to control public order.

Street garbage bins have been replaced with big plastic containers and plastic bags, fixed in special constructions. 

The fee-paying VIP-zone is situated on Maidan square under a tent in the shape of a ball half. The inside is equipped with armchairs and cozy sofas. It is also planned to open a restaurant.

Not far from Maidan you can see flower compositions in the shape of Euro-2012 talismans - Slawek and Slavka.

The clock counting the last hours before the championship start is put right inside the flowerbed.

We hope that the time left is enough to remove all small defects so that the capital can decently welcome its guests and please its residents.


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