Ukraine welcomes the Euro 2012 football championship at a high level, having reached the European standards in the all areas, the vice prime minister and the infrastructure minister of Ukraine Borys Kolesnikov said in interview with Ukraine-2012 information center.

"It is important that Ukraine has held the first promo company in the history of independence at the international level. Euro 2012 has given a unique chance to represent our country in the world, to reach the European standards not only in organizing the championship, but in the lives of our citizens. So, every Ukrainian has benefited from Euro," the vice prime minister mentioned.

In addition, he said that "the general level of preparation is high: it concerns infrastructure objects, organizational component, security systems and provision of services."

"The success was guaranteed only if every member of the team pretended he is a fan, who has come to Ukraine for the first time. We have worked scrupulously on every detail. But estimation of the readiness of the host country will be delivered on July 1 after the final whistle of Euro 2012. Only then the team responsible for the preparations will be able to breathe a sigh of relief," Kolesnikov said.

Also, according to the vice prime minister and infrastructure minister of Ukraine, the main achievements have been made in the transport sector, especially in aviation.

"From Euro 2012 Ukrainians will inherit four new international airports that will serve at least 20 years. Seriously speaking, a country cannot receive any foreign investments not having international airports and transport infrastructure," he concluded.

On June 7, the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych appealed to the Ukrainians on the start of Euro 2012 and called to welcome the championship and the guests adequately.


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