Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Pshonka instructed regional prosecutors to carry out inspections or take measures against enterprises only after relevant decree issued by a court. 

"Every prosecutor should prevent any illegal actions by controlling bodies towards enterprises. No more blackmailing, delaying or other illegal measures. The activity of law enforcements should assist in developing small and middle businesses, not obstruct it," Pshonka said.

According to the instructions, heads of controlling bodies of all levels must first deliver the documents on possible regulations violations to relevant committees for study and consideration. If a relevant committee issues a well-grounded resolution, only then a controlling body can proceed with inspection, having informed an enterprise owner in advance. During the inspection the original documents of the enterprises will be studies at the place and copied if necessary.

Regional prosecutors must also follow and observe the legality of inspections, adopted decisions on suspension or liquidation of licenses or any other measures, which may limit the rights and interests of enterprises, stipulated by the law.


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