Is a Ukrainian politician worthy endangering the interests of German business?

The Frankfurter Rundschau journalist does not think so. "You have to understand that Tymoshenko is not Vaclav Havel or the Burmese human rights activist Aung San Suu Zhu. She is a business woman, who has earned her billions being a member of the totally corrupt elite echelon and having tight relations with the ex-Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko. In a certain period of time, Tymoshenko was the most influential tycoon within the former USSR. When Lazarenko was overthrown in 1997, he escaped on her plane. "

Her way to politics has not impressed the German journalist also: "She won her first election in the rural district acting as a tycoon. She brought coal to schools, repaired roads, in other words just bought the voters." The journalist recalls that Yulia Tymoshenko was imprisoned not because of political controversies, but for forging the Cabinet’s documents, on the basis of which the enslaving treaty with Russia on gas supplies was concluded.

The Handelsblatt, another influential German newspaper notes that the general economic situation in Ukraine is positive and Euro 2012 will give additional impetus to the development of the country. The foreign investors, such as Chevron and Shell, to be engaged in the exploration of shale gas in Ukraine, justify this prediction. Tobias Baumann, an expert on Eastern Europe from the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce believes that "the German companies working in Ukraine have shown higher growth rates against the background of a well growing local market."

"Yanukovych is serious about reforming and has a strong interest in closer relations with Europe," the MP Carl Georg Vellman, responsible for the foreign policy of the dominant party in Bundestag, CDU-CSU, said. Matthias Brandt, the project manager for consulting preparations for Euro 2012 in Kyiv of the German Society for International Cooperation recalls that "ever since Yanukovych came to power, the works are being carried out better and with greater determination. Even diplomats assert that Tymoshenko's government would not manage to prepare the stadiums for Euro in good time."

The OWC, the German business circles periodical, cites the views of the Eastern Committee of German Economy leaders, in particular, Rainer Lindner. He is known to made sharp statements against the position of Chancellor Angela Merkel concerning Ukraine. The periodical reports that at a meeting in Kyiv with the Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov on the initiative of the German business community, the issue of involving Germany into modernization of the Ukrainian gas transportation system was discussed. According to the participants of the meeting, Germany can play a key role in the creation of an international gas consortium with Ukraine, Germany and Russia.


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