The first days of the compensation payments to the depositors of the USSR Savings Bank go as planned, in a calm and friendly atmosphere. On the very first day, namely, June 1, the compensations were paid to 93.000 depositors through 6000 Oschadbank branches. Another 5.8 million people have registered for the data actualization, 1.7 million depositors of which have already been actualized, ForUm learned from the Oschadbank head of marketing, advertising and PR department Yaroslava Titova.

"Even the first pay day passed quietly. There was no hustle, no queues, no incidents. People coming to the bank, wondered: "Why aren't many people here?"  Of course, there were some mistakes, minor problems. But in the working process we keep improving the procedure to ensure favorable conditions for the depositors. The monitoring is being carried out very seriously. I can assure you that on the first day everything went smoothly in Kyiv and regions," Titova said.

Responding to the concerns over possible bribery in cheating the line Titova stressed that "currently, the line is being controlled in a centralized manner, so no violations can occur".

"The sum is transferred to a protected card. Each depositor receives a sealed envelope and can be sure that his money is safe," the Oschadbank head of marketing, advertising and PR department added.

According to Titova, a special attention is paid to explanatory work. "Many Ukrainians receive pensions on the card and have no problem. But the older people need some explanations about the very card and how to use it. A bank employee asks immediately: "Do you want to withdraw money?" If a person wants to, then he is given both money and the card, which he can use as a discount card. In addition, each envelope contains information booklet about the card, its benefits, the rules of usage and so on."

Titova reminded that compensation payments are to continue up to December 25 this year. The bank expects to serve 6 million depositors within this period.


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