Ukraine should be a secure bridge between Europe and Russia, particularly in creating all the conditions necessary for the efficient movement of goods and finances, the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych said in Istanbul at the "Future of European integration" plenary session of the Regional Summit of the World Economic Forum.
“We should not initiate conflicts in Europe and Russia, on the contrary, we should create the conditions for movement of goods and finances,” Yanukovych emphasized, mentioning that Ukraine is economically developed country and that both Europe and Russia will benefit from such a partnership.

Moreover, he added that Ukraine is carefully studying the work of the Customs Union. “Today, Ukraine should think about building relationships with the new economic union, as its member countries account for 30% of commodity turnover of our state. We do not change our priorities, we analyze the situation carefully," he stressed.

He stated that the issue of the European Union enlargement is unpopular in the EU today - so it has slowed down the Ukrainian and Turkish integration.  "In our opinion, this is a wrong decision. However, the current pause will do well both for Ukraine and Europe," the President said.


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