The volumes of domestic government loan bonds in circulation within four months of 2012 have increased by 17.7%, i.e. up to 174 billion 284.18 million UAH, the National bank of Ukraine reports in the general review of country’s stock market. 

In January-April 2012 period, the Finances Ministry of Ukraine allocated the government loan bonds in the amount of 20.4 billion UAH, 614.14 million USD and 276.31 million EUR.

According to the review, repayments and payments of income on government loan bonds have been carried out in a timely manner and in full measure. Within the first four months of 2012 they amounted to 16.8 billion UAH, including the payment of principal debt of 11.5 billion UAH and the payment of income - 5.3 billion UAH.

The volume of government bonds owned by nonresidents within January - April decreased by 496.85 million UAH and as of May 1, 2012 amounted to 3 billion 967.10 million UAH, or 2.28% of the total sum of the government loan bonds in circulation.

"The reasons for the increase in trading volumes of government loan bonds on the secondary market are related to: the growth of the primary market of government bonds; their lower riskiness as compared to securities of private issuers; the attractive level of profitability; the expected dynamics of the exchange rate of UAH. Another reason for the activation of the secondary market of government loan bonds is that since February 19, 2010 only 16 banks - primary dealers has had the access to auctions for their initial offering. Others wishing to invest in government securities should buy them on the secondary market," the review of the National Bank informs.


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