The date of the Kyiv mayor election is to be defined by the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, the Speaker of the Parliament of Ukraine Volodymyr Lytvyn told a briefing, ForUm correspondent reports.

Lytvyn underlined that Leonid Chernovetsky's premature resignation created new legal realities and conflicts in the electoral law as for the date of the Kyiv mayor election, so it is the Constitutional Court to resolve this issue.

“Nobody has consulted me on this issue. The relevant committee considered the draft regulations on the mayor election announcement. The conclusions of the committee report that there is a need in 226 votes in favor of the election, so the decision is to be made by the heads of the factions. However, now it turned out that Mr. Chernovetsky wrote his application few days before the completion of his term. So now the question of the special election of the mayor is raised. To announce special election, the Kyiv municipal council has to apply to the Parliament with the request to announce the election. I consider that the date of the election should be defined conforming to law. The election should be held before 2015, as well as the elections in Ternopil and Kyiv municipal councils in order to launch the system of the time parallel elections throughout the country. To solve this situation we must apply to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine,” the Speaker stressed.

“There are two variants: to announce the elections after the respective address of the Kyiv municipal council or to hold the council elections and mayor election together in fall 2013,” he said.
The Head of the Party of Regions faction in the Parliament Oleksandr Yefremov agreed with Lytvyn about the conflict in law system after Chernovetsky’s premature resignation. However, in his opinion, there is no need in applying to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine.

“We need to make politically lawful decision on the date of the Kyiv mayor election,” Yefremov said, adding he was surprised at the premature resignation by Chernovetsky, just few days before the completion of his term.

As reported, on June 1, 2012, Leonid Chernovetsky wrote the statement of resignation from the office of the Kyiv mayor.


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