Nineteen Ukrainians sentenced in Libya can lodge an appeal within 30 days, the FM of Ukraine Kostyantyn Hryshchenko commented on the Libyan court sentence.

As reported, yesterday, on June 4, the Libyan military court jailed nineteen Ukrainians, two Russians and three Belarusians, earlier had been captured by a Libyan revolutionary gang. The Ambassador of Ukraine to Libya was present at the court’s hearing the case. The detained were provided with lawyers and an interpreter.

Moreover, Hryshchenko informed that on his instructions the Ukrainian diplomats in Tripoli has arranged a settlement with the lawyers on lodging an appeal in the Supreme Military Court of Libya. Pursuant to the Libyan laws, an appeal should be lodged within 30 days from the date of the judicial sentence announcement. The FM added that the present judgment does not draw a line under this case and that Ukraine will continue asserting the rights of its citizens detained in Libya.

He reminded that from the very detention of Ukrainians in August 2011, the President of Ukraine entrusted the foreign services of Ukraine with ensuring lawful consideration of the case.

In addition, the diplomatic protection of the interests of the Ukrainian citizens was provided. The diplomats of the Ukrainian Embassy in Libya visit their compatriots, supplying them will all the necessary on a regular basis.

Mr. Hryshchenko reminded that due to efforts made by our diplomats, 4 citizens of Ukraine detained in Libya were freed this year.

On June 2, the FM of Ukraine sent the official letter to his colleague the FM of Libya Ben Khayal to promote the positive settlement of this case.


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