Current balance of payments shows stable positive dynamics, the Head of the National Bank of Ukraine Serhiy Arbuzov said.

According to him, the worsening of the foreign trade and, respectively, of the balance of payments in the last year was caused by more than 1.4 times increase in the charges for imported energy carriers and 1.6 times increase in the purchases of machinery and equipment because of the preparation for Euro 2012 and high investment activity of the real sector.

"This year's balance of payments, which has direct influence on the formation of the exchange rate, shows a stable positive dynamics. In April, the consolidated surplus of the balance of payments amounted to 508 million USD against 375 million USD surplus in March (an increase of 35%) and the $ 55 million deficit in February. For the first quarter we have attracted $ 1.4 billion of foreign direct investment, whereas many countries have experienced the process of the capital outflow," Arbuzov said.

The head of the NBU also emphasized that the current balance of payments testifies to the fact there are no prerequisites for the UAH strengthening or devaluation.

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