The effective Law on Public Purchases does not ensure sufficient protection against corruption, the first vice Prime Minister Valeriy Khoroshkovsky announced at the meeting with representatives of public associations to discuss corruption prevention methods within purchasing at a public cost, ForUm correspondent reports.

"We had discussion with the World Bank and European Community legislators on that this law does not provide sufficient protection against the corruption development," the official noted.

According to him, the analysis of the infringements, permanently committed in this area, has been performed "The analysis has revealed that among the principle infringements are improper tender documentation in violation of procurement law, improper technical and qualification requirements and improper documentation process itself," the vice PM added.

In addition, the official pointed out the violations in the announcement and publication order of state purchasing information, as well illegal appointment of a tender winner. "Finally, in some cases, the final contracts are signed in violation of legal terms," Khoroshkovsky said.

He mentioned that these are only the major violations discovered during the monitoring. "We need to develop a mechanism for combating corruption in this area. But corruption is widespread enough. I am the witness to that, unfortunately. The tender commission is often a catalyst, since a collective body cannot be held criminally responsible," he complained.


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