On May 28 D terminal of the Boryspil airport was officially opened. Last winter ForUm witnessed the construction process, and already in a year the bunch of metal constructions has turned into a modern airport terminal.

The main air gates of the capital used to be a suburban airport terminal of a regional level. But after the opening of D terminal the airports looks pretty much European.

The new terminal is about one kilometer far from the old airport building. It impresses with its size - 107 thousand square meters with 870-meter-long departure zone.

For convenient travel within these premises the developers provided numerous moving ramps. The building itself is made in "hi-tech" style: steel, glass and curved roof render lightness and aeriality to the building.

Drop-offs for departures and arrivals are separated. The first ones lead to the zero level, while those for arrivals lead to the third-floor-high overpasses. Hence, passenger flows do not cross.

Among other innovations there are 11 stationary aerobridges, which can serve 11 planes of "Boing-747" type simultaneously. In total, the terminal can serve passengers of 25 planes simultaneously.

There is also enough number of check-in counters and passport control booths.

The departure zone is well-equipped with traditional duty-free shops, smoking area, mother-and-child rooms, as well as with numerous toilet rooms of the latest model.

The opening ceremony was attended by Ukraine's President, who delivered a short speech wishing passengers "soft landing".

President's speech was followed by welcoming declarations and live music.

ForUm also managed to catch vice PM Borys Kolesnikov for a short comment.

- They say Boryspil new terminal will be able to serve 15 million passengers annually. Don't you think that after Euro-2012 the terminal will be empty? It's not like we are getting visa-free regime with EU countries tomorrow...

- For today the terminal's capacity is eight million people. And in five years it will be ready for 15 million. Let's hope that after the championship the terminal will not stay empty, and we - ordinary citizens - will be able to travel around visa-free at least in five-ten years. It would be really nice to see the world "tax-free".


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