The government will dismiss state officials for ignoring protection of entrepreneur's interests, vice PM Valery Khoroshkovski told a meeting of the Interdepartmental commission on raiding, ForUm learned from the press office of the official.

The official has charged Prosecutor's General Office, Interior Ministry and Security Service with the task to protect the rights of legal owners.

"The situations we often consider at the meeting follow the same scenario: a court issues illegal decision, authorities do nothing and a rightful owner loses his property," Khoroshkovski said.

According to the vice PM, the authorities must fight illegal raiding. "If the authorities do nothing to prevent and change the situation, they must be considered an accomplice of the crime," the official added.

Khoroshkovski stressed on the personal responsibility of state officials for ignoring entrepreneur's rights.

The vice PM also sent an inquiry to the High Council of Justice regarding the prosecution of those judges, who decided in favour of illegal raiding.


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