Ukraine gradually carries out measures, aimed at reaching energy independence, energy and coal minister Yuri Boiko told a roundtable “Natural Gas and the Energy Future of Ukraine,” held by the consulting company in the energy sphere HIS CERA.

“A task set by our President to the government is to make Ukraine independent from the energy viewpoint. We carry out systemic measures to fulfill this task,” Boiko said, UKRINFORM reports.

According to the Minister, the measures include the increase of domestic production of energy resources, primarily - hydrocarbons; introduction of energy efficiency, in particular, substitution of expensive imported gas with domestic energy resources, such as coal; diversification of energy carrier sources supply to Ukraine.

“This includes mastering of the Black Sea and Azov Sea shelves, holding of tenders and auctions on development of shale gas fields. This includes substitution of import energy carriers with domestic coal, increase of coal production and implementation of new technologies for its use. And real diversification of routes for supply of energy carriers to our country - all those are the ways for reaching energy independence,” Boiko emphasized.

According to the opinion of Special Studies “Natural Gas and the Energy Future of Ukraine,” held by HIS CERA Company, the available geological potential of Ukraine allows producing considerably larger volumes of natural gas against the volumes produced now. At the same time, as a result of holding relevant measures, Ukraine will be able to fully provide itself with domestic natural gas.

IHS CERA experts presented a model of gas production in Ukraine until 2035 according to a scenario, in which modern technologies are used gradually, but widely. According to opinions of experts, in case of ensuring sufficient investments in gas production, Ukraine will be able to produce 60-70 billion cu m a year and more until 2035.


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