About 40 MPs from BYuT and Our Ukraine factions blocked the presidium and rostrum of the parliament early morning, before opening of the plenary meeting to prevent further consideration of the draft bill on language policy.

BYuT faction leader Andriy Kozhemiakin held a faction meeting next to the rostrum.

Following the situation, speaker of the parliament Volodymyr Lytyvn stated that the institution of parliament and the Verkhovna Rada itself fully degraded.

"In current situation I proposed to take a political decision on voluntarily dissolution. It is impossible to observe this ugliness. The parliament should stop torturing the country," Lytyvn told journalists after the meeting of the conciliatory board, commenting on yesterday's fight and today's blocking.

The speaker also said that the MPs ignored his proposition and refused to take it into consideration.

Yesterday's fight drew attention of the law enforcement bodies, and Kyiv prosecutor charged Kyiv main department of the Interior Ministry to investigate into the fight.


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