Speaker of the parliament Volodymyr Lytyvn states that his position on language issue is that Ukraine must have only one state language - Ukrainian.

"In connection with the political hysterics around the language issue provided for consideration by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine I consider it necessary to state the following: the State of Ukraine should have one state language - Ukrainian," Lytyvn said in his statement, published on the official website of the parliament.

At the same time Lytyvn added that to satisfy their national and cultural needs people have the right to use their native language. The speaker reminded that the bill "On the Principles of State Language Policy" was placed on the agenda of the tenth session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the sixth convocation in February, 2012. 

"To maintain civilized language policy I do more than I can and less than I see what needs to be done taking into consideration the present situation. According to the Constitution of Ukraine and the law "On the Standing Orders", the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine doesn't have the right to form or change the schedule of the plenary meetings by himself. That's why due to the situation the only thing that I can suggest is to consider all the bills on the language issue to deeply understand the importance of this problem and the responsibility of each people's deputy for the decision they make," the statement says.

Lytyvn also condemned "the attempts to hot up confrontation on the language issue looking for an enemy", and said that such actions are aimed not to protect the Ukrainian language but to aggravate the situation in the country.


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